Hyacinth Macaw - The largest and one of the rarest of the macaws which are various large,
 long-tailed parrots of the genera Ara, Anodorhynchus, Cyanopsitta, Orthopsittaca, Propyrrhura and Diopsittaca.

Foundation for the Preservation of the Hyacinth Macaw

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Special Note

A wonderful woman with a great group of Macaws has to sell them because she has to go back to work and cannot give them the needed attention. She has owned them for more than 15 years. Here they are:

Hyacinth Macaw Male, tame and talking. A great pet, but could be placed in a breeding situation with the understanding that any potential mate would be introduced slowly and carefully to avoid "spousal abuse". The owner knows of a case where a female hyacinth killer her potential mate, so she has concern that breeding efforts be done safely. Price: $9,700. She would like for the new home to be within 250 miles of northeast Texas.

Egg laying Greenwing Macaw. Frustrated. Very tame, talking, dances and very sweet, but ready for a mate. Feather picking. $1,000.

Female Scarlet Macaw: $2,000. Male Scarlet: $1,500. Never put together in breeding situation. Both tame and talking.

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A nonprofit foundation incorporated in 1991 with the goal of preserving
the Hyacinth Macaw and other birds of the world's tropics through
education, research, ecotourism and captive breeding.

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Hyacinth Macaw family group in Brazil.
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William D. Clark
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